On Tuesday, November 28, we will continue our annual tradition of performing a memorial workout in honor of longtime member Artie Stevens in all of our fitness classes. CrossFit + Bootcamp classes will be combined this day with accessible modifications for each person’s preference. This workout takes place each year on “Giving Tuesday”.  As both Bootcamp AND CrossFit perform the Art Stevens WOD, we will have combined Bootcamp/CrossFit Hybrid classes this day! There will be options available for both class styles. Please see the schedule below.

Artie Stevens was the owner of Artie’s On The Go, Artie’s On Central, and Indy’s Kitchen, and passed away suddenly in November 2017. With his paleo meals, Artie became the glue that kept all the local CrossFit communities connected. After his passing, Myriad CrossFit created a trust in the name of his two children, Arthur and Eva. All contributions are split evenly between the two coordinating trusts and will be shared with Arthur and Eva when they each turn 21. We appreciate you considering donating to their trust as a part of your Giving Tuesday plans!

To donate:

CLICK HERE, scroll down to Artie’s Memorial Fund, and select your desired giving amount ($100, $50, or $25). Thank you so much for your generosity!


  • 5:30 am CrossFit / Bootcamp hybrid
  • 7:00 am CrossFit ONLY
  • 8:00 am Bootcamp ONLY
  • 12:00 pm CrossFit / Bootcamp hybrid
  • 4:00 pm CrossFit / Bootcamp hybrid
  • 5:15 pm C CrossFit / Bootcamp hybrid
  • 6:30 pm CrossFit / Bootcamp hybrid