Myriad is super excited to be hosting our FIRST ANNUAL SUPERMEET on Saturday, December 16th!

What is SUPERMEET? SUPERMEET is your opportunity to find one rep maxes in a (shall we say it) myriad of lifts. The space will be set up from 10 am – 2 pm for you to move through the various movements at your own speed. Take your time and see just how strong you really are! BUT… don’t take too much time as you only have two hours to complete the 6 lifts. Lifts included will be the snatch, clean + jerk, deadlift, squat, strict press and weighted pull-up. To repeat, the event is 4 hours long but as a competitor you only get TWO HOURS to complete all 6 lifts. Be strategic, be accurate, have FUN!!! SIGN UP NOW

What is a one rep max? Your one rep max is the absolute maximum amount of weight that you are able to successfully lift for one repetition.

I am a Bootcamp Member, can I join? Absolutely! Coaches will be around to help guide you through movements using PVC pipes or empty barbells, if you want to just learn the techniques and see how it feels. You can also test your one rep max using other equipment, think dumbbell snatches, kettlebell deadlifts or goblet squats!

I am a Weightlifting Member, can I join? Totally! You know your way around these movements, so please come join us. We want as many Members involved as possible!

Date: Saturday, December 16th

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Lifts: snatch, clean + jerk, deadlift, squat, strict press, max weighted pull-ups

Investment: FREE to Myriad Members. All Programs welcome!