YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 09.18 – 09.24

“The moment you become aware of a plants emanation of stillness + peace, that plant becomes your teacher.” — Eckhart Tolle

Weekly Focus: Unfolding + Emanation

The Fall Equinox brings a sense of balance through equality of light + dark — a reminder that the time to calm the mind + reflect draws near. We begin to release our energies + let the Self unfold, noticing what has come up for us throughout the year. We begin to emanate as we settle. Isn’t emanation a beautiful word? What images does your mind conjure when you hear it? Perhaps a radiation, a burst, a glow? Autumn introduces a time to unfold from ourselves. We can see this visually as the trees burst forth in color, seeds release from the heads of grasses + flowers, gardens become flush with fruit. We are preparing for a season of rest ahead. Take time now to let your final energies + intentions extend outwards. This is the time to put in your final effort before the big sleep. You have so much to offer, let it pour forth in abundance. What is is that you reflecting onto the world around you?

Passive Pose of the Week: Vajrasana (Thunderbolt / Diamond Pose)

Vajrasana is a pose to draw in your energies then allow them to settle into softness. Imagine yourself as the center point of radiation. Come to sit in in a kneeling position, allowing your seat to press back onto your heels. Hands may rest in the lap — palms down to feel grounded, palms face up to receive. If you are comfortable, close your eyes and take several breaths here, focusing on the parts of the body touching the ground beneath you. Allow yourself to feel weighted + heavy in the legs. This base of grounding provides to support to allow your energy to bubble up + emanate.

Active Pose of the Week: Patita Tarasana (Fallen Triangle / Fallen Star Pose)

Feel the emanation of your own body in space with this dramatic pose. From a three-legged dog, pull your lifted knee in towards the belly + twist from your hips, kicking your foot out to the side, about halfway between the arm + grounded leg. As the side of your foot presses into the floor, lift from your pelvis + reach your top arm open. Imagine lifting up from the hips in this pose, similar to a bridge pose. Express yourself in fallen triangle + have fun with it!