“The Stutz” Update: August 2023

This is part #5 of an ongoing series of blog posts to keep our staff, members, and community “in the know” on what is happening with Myriad’s impending move into The Stutz. 

Well, here we are. It is August and we still have not moved into the Stutz Building. To be quite frank, we aren’t pumped about that either but we are making the best of it. For anyone who has ever worked with, or in construction,… you probably get it. The original timeline was 6-8 weeks.

Then in mid June it was, “we will be done in 2-3 weeks.”
Then in early July it was, “we will be done in 2-3 weeks.”
Then in late July it was, “we will be done in 2-3 weeks.”
Now we are in early August, and guess what we were told last week… “we will be done in 2-3 weeks.”

With that, the final inspection date has been set for Thursday, August 24th.
What that means:

If all goes well with the final inspection on that Thursday, we will then have access to begin working internally on painting, small equipment construction and spacial organization. During the next week however, access to the Stutz will be limited. Butter Art Fair extends this year from August 27th – September 3rd. We are so excited to have this unique event happening within our new community, but it will inhibit the move. With most of 10th Street shut down and the building activated and full of visitors to Butter Art Fair, it’s possible that this will slow down the move. We hope to begin moving over flooring and the large pieces of equipment (ie. the Rig) as we are able in that last week of August. Hopefully, sometime during the first or second week of September we should be ready to start hosting “soft opening classes” so we can start to work out the kinks with the new flow and setup.

In a perfect world, we can work towards having a GRAND OPENING the first weekend of September, but we can’t make any promises until we know that the final inspection will officially take place on Thursday, August 24th and until we have officially passed that final inspection.

This has certainly taken longer than we were hoping, but we are optimists at Myriad Health + Fitness and we know that all this waiting will only make the move sweeter! We are just as anxious as each and every one of you to get opened in the Stutz.

Here is a quick video from a recent walkthrough of Building G (the Fitness Building) at the Stutz. Check out the height of those ceilings and the size of the locker room! For context, the video shows the women’s locker room which will have three shower stalls, three toilet stalls, a sink, and space for lockers/clothes to be hung. We will also have a men’s locker room with the same amenities and a separate inclusive restroom/shower space for a total of three distinct locker room spaces.

The ceilings have been painted white and the locker rooms/restrooms are being finished up this week. One of the biggest pieces of feedback we received from members… “nice locker rooms.” We are working hard to deliver on that.