In accordance with our first value of being “people-focused,” Myriad will offer an adjusted schedule for the holidays to allow our staff more time to rest and spend time with loved ones. We have worked hard this year to still provide the maximum amount of classes for our Members, while allowing full time staff some much deserved time off.


By combining all fitness classes to be Bootcamp/CrossFit Hybrids, the schedule will look similar to a regular week, perhaps even with some new options for you! Please note — Bootcamp/CrossFit Hybrid classes will provide appropriate programming for each program, no matter your preference. Bootcamp Members who prefer and are used to their 45-min classes will be able to leave at the 45-min mark, while still getting in a full workout. CrossFit Members can stay for a strength portion during the last 15-min of class. If you have any questions and see Anna around the gym, she is a great person to chat with about the organization of these classes. 

Yoga will have some fun additions to it’s schedule including our annual tradition of 108 Sun Salutations on January 1st, and a BRAND NEW offering, Daybreaker GLOWGA on New Years Eve!

Please review the schedule so that you can plan your holiday fitness schedule appropriately!