“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #19

Episode #19 – What is the CrossFit Open?

Veteran CrossFitter: “It is CrossFit Open season.”
New CrossFitter: “What the heck is that?”
Veteran CrossFitter: “That’s when you get to stress about Friday workouts and potentially re-do the workout the next day to beat your score by one rep.”

All jokes aside, we LOVE the open for so many reasons.
– You push yourself harder than usual in a workout… think 100% effort!
– You get to judge other athletes in class as they do the workout… physically judge them as they do the exercises, not judge them as a person.
– You don’t have to count your reps as your judge helps you do that… you can shut your brain off and just exercise as fast as you can.
– You are afforded the opportunity to test your workout limits… Do I scale? Do I do the workout RX? What does any of that even mean (we will teach you.)
– The Myriad community comes together for a span of three weeks to nerd out about fitness… The Myriad Intramural Open is happening and it will be better than ever… 24.FUN coming at you on Saturday of the final week of the Open.

“I’m lost. What are you talking about?”
The CrossFit.com website shares a really good article breaking down the entire open. Take a few minutes to learn more about the finer details of the CrossFit Open.

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