YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 09.25 – 10.01

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” –Wayne Dyer 

Weekly Focus: Abundance

This Full Harvest Moon shines a light on the bounty + abundance of nature. The world is truly abundant despite the scarcity mindset we are so often led towards.This time of harvest is a reminder that there is more than enough to go around. How do we block the signals around us that we don’t have enough? That we need more? You might notice a thread through the focuses this month. Abundance is available to us if we can reassess + redefine what that means. So invite yourself to consider abundance this week. Where do you see it in your life? Where can you find more gratitude for all that you have? When we work to see the abundance in our life it has a way of attracting more. 

Passive Pose of the Week: Cat Tail Pose

Cat Tail Pose is an abundant twist full of many stretches + sensations. From  a reclined twist, bind the foot of your bottom leg, introducing a quad stretch to the twist. Option to extend your top leg straight + away from you, perhaps reaching for your foot. Binds can often be restricted based on our anatomies. Some of us simply have limbs that proportionately do not make binding easy. If this is the case you you, grab a strap to loop around both of your feet. Use the long end of the strap for your hands to extend the length of your limbs and make binding more accessible. This also feels really great if you have a wall nearby. You can twist towards the wall, allowing the foot of your straight leg to make contact with the wall. Press your foot into the wall for a supportive grounding sensation and leverage for your twist.

Active Pose of the Week: Camatkarasana (Miracle or Surprise Pose, Wild Thing)

The name says it all – could there be a more abundant pose? Miracle pose has the ability to feel playful, joyful, challenging, inspiring, creative — it contains so much! Come into a three-legged dog and then “flip your dog,” letting your lifted leg drop behind you and keeping your grounded leg straight. Lift up from your pelvis + chest. This pose may feel similar to the sensations you get in a full wheel pose — think full wheel meets fallen triangle! It can be scary to “drop” into this poe, a real test of your trust in your strength. Remember — you probably have more abundant strength than you give yourself credit for! If you feel nervous to try this but would like the same sensation, come to a janusirasana (seated with one leg straight, one bent, making a checkmark shape with the legs). Bring the same arm as your straight leg behind you, lift onto the shin of your bent leg and raise your hips up, creating a gentle backbend in the upper body. Sweep your opposite arm + allow yourself to take up space!