“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #15

Episode #15 – CrossFit Deep Dive Sessions

Jared and Anna are back from the Holidays!
Starting on Wednesday, January 24th at 630pm we will begin a new offering with our CrossFit Deep Dives.

This session will be taking the place of our 630pm CrossFit class.
Moving forward, on the FOURTH Wednesday of each month (there may be some adjustments during November/December pending holidays), we will be hosting these CrossFit Deep Dive Sessions.

What to expect:
– A deep focus on a specific movement or a specific group of movements.
– Slower pace class with the opportunity to “dive deep” into the “what” and “whys.”
– Bring questions you have on these movements to the table… Let’s discuss them!
– We will review, discuss, and work through movements in an organized fashion. THEN we will finish up the session putting our learnings into action for a 6-12 minute high intensity workout.
– Only available to CrossFit members. If your membership includes CrossFit, you are good to go (as this is replacing the 630p CrossFit class).

January Deep Dive – CrossFit Open Movements #1
Burpee Efficiency, Barbell Cycling, Pacing, Perform Practice Workout

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