“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #7

Episode #7 – Who is Marta? The Boss!

Marta has been with Myriad/NapTown for nearly 10 years!

As a “recovering hairstylist,” Marta began her journey with Myriad through YOGA.
(Same as Robin… are we seeing a theme here? You can find fitness in many different ways!)

Marta took a journey to Peru for a yoga retreat, then joined Practice Indie’s (Myriad Yoga) teacher training during the pandemic in 2020. Marta never planned to be a teacher but was eventually convinced she would enjoy teaching students.

Spoiler Alert… She loved it!

Now she is the Myriad Yoga Program Coordinator and also the Integrator (Head of Operations) of Myriad Health + Fitness. What a journey!

– plays the piano
– she sings
– she performs (ask her about it!)
– she loves to garden
– she loves to cook

Come meet Marta!!!

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