YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 10.16 – 10.22

“A tree with strong roots, laughs at storms.” — Malay Proverb

Weekly Focus: Muladhara (root chakra)

To balance the flightiness of Vata, which we explored last week, we might ground ourselves by connecting with Muladhara Chakra. Just as animals prepare their bellies + homes for the cold, we connect with our home base, to find a rooting + a warming — a dwelling in our security. Muladhara is our connection to safety, stability, + vitality. In connecting to this energetic course, we might find a place to root into the Self that makes us feel secure + protected. With increased vata in the Autumn, we can sometimes feel unstable + anxious, like we can’t settle down. By connecting with our most instinctual qualities, we might build a nest of protection, a shell to contain. Grounding is the base of everything. Like the roots of a tree, if our roots do not go deep, we can be lifted + pulled off center with a strong wind. Let’s work on building deep roots so that we feel confident to let our branches reach higher. 

Passive Pose of the Week: Upavistha konasana (wide legged seated forward fold)

Feel the connection of tailbone to earth + allow yourself to settle and fold. Have a seat and let your legs go wide from one another. Take a deep inhale in, lengthening the spine, and fold forward between the legs. As you fold, if you notice that you seat lifts from the floor, consider placing a blanket beneath the tailbone, to help you feel grounded + rooted. If the forward fold feels like a long distance, you might consider bringing the floor close to you by stacking firm cushions, or stiff folded towels, so that your elbows have somewhere to land.

Active Pose of the Week: Merudandasana (spinal column pose)

As your tailbone roots into the ground, let your spine lift up + grow like a tree! From boat pose, take your peace sign fingers to your big toes + open your legs wide, while balancing on your tailbone. If straightening the legs feels uncomfortable, keep the knees bent, and think about happy baby with the legs. Pro tip — this is a LOT of balance. The drishti is a key point in keeping your grounded focus. Set your gaze steady in front of you to help hold strong.