Weightlifting Journey

“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #32

Weightlifting? What is it?
Great question… glad you asked 🙂

The sport or activity of lifting barbells or other heavy weights. There are two standard lifts in modern weightlifting: the single-movement lift from floor to extended position (the snatch ), and the two-movement lift from floor to shoulder position, and from shoulders to extended position (the clean and jerk ). 

We are being very deliberate here because all too often, the general public gets the term weightlifting and Weightlifting confused… Haha. Who would have thought?

Weightlifting for 95% of the public means going to the gym and lifting some kind of weights.
However, for the other 5%, Weightlifting is a sport (an Olympic Sport for that matter), it is a community (Weightlifting Teams compete all over the world and locally), it is a way of life!

Our very own Robin Briskey began their weightlifting journey just short of two years ago. Listen in as Robin share’s their experience with the most recent Myriad 500 Weightlifting Meet and how they nailed 6/6 lifts.

Questions discussed Weightlifting during this episode:

  • What is Weightlifting?
  • How do I get involved in Weightlifting?
  • What is a Weightlifting Meet?
  • Do I have to join the Weightlifting team to do Weightlifting?

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