DHARMA — Seeking Your Purpose

“Follow your passion, it will lead to your purpose.” — Oprah

Weekly Focus: Dharma (right action or duty)

As the clouds of Winter have passed, we may have a more clear vision of our purpose in our life, our dharma. How will you find a return of interest to your life’s purpose? Did winter leave you feeling dull, un-inspired, exhausted? Let us reignite our life’s passions to inspire our purpose to live! Dharma is the purpose we find for our life, it is acting in the ways that feel purposeful, passion-full, and correct for our individual Self. Everything in this life has purpose — each bug, each plant, each microbe — how wonderful is that?! Despite this, even when we feel aligned, or know where we are headed, we can fall to the wayside. That’s OK! We have this moment and every moment to find renaissance in the action that directs us forward. When we feel aligned, when we move with ourselves rather than against ourselves, we might find that pathways and directions simply, open up for us. If it has become lost, allow yourself the opportunity to become familiar with and renew your interest in your own personal dharma. 

Passive Pose of the Week: Malasana (garland pose)

Sit deep into the Self in malasana, a low squat. Step your feet hips width distance or slightly wider. Your toes may either turn forward, or slightly out, whichever feels more comfortable. Begin to bend your knees and let your hips drop low into a squat position. Your hands may come together in a prayer position, pressing each palm into the other. This is a position we sit in a lot as children, but tend to drop from our movement repertoire as we get older. If it feels a bit sticky to be here, try grabbing some blocks to stack and place beneath your seat. This will bring the ground to you and give yourself somewhere to land, so that the muscles can being to relax. Let the pressure of your palms pressing help you to lift your heart and take a few slow breaths.

Active Pose of the Week: Virabhadrasana I (Warrior 1 pose)

Use this power pose to stand into your strength and look forward towards your path ahead and purpose. Stand in mountain pose, with your feet about hips-width distance apart. Step your left foot back about 3-4 feet. Now, move your front foot to the right edge of your mat, and scoot your left foot closer to the left edge. Bend into your right knee, turn your left toes our slightly. Reach your arms up alongside your ears.  If you haven’t taken Warrior 1 with your feet wider on the mat, notice how this feels. Do you notice any difference between this position and your typical stance? Perhaps this is your typical stance — what draws you to this modification of the pose? Yoga asana is seeking the pose that brings balance to our individual bodies, so consider how adjusting can suit your needs.