“Rituals are the map that guide us on the path to self discovery.” — Unknown

It’s possible that throughout the Winter we lost the rituals set in place to steady our practice or even to steady our lives day to day. Spring provides the opportunity to bring renaissance to our rituals and helpful habits — resetting + rebuilding towards our journey to the Self. Have you set any hard-earned habits aside this past Winter that you wish to renew? Sometimes we leave habits behind because we no longer need them, and sometimes, we have simply lost the energy for them, but recognize that we would do well to bring them back. Sadhana is a daily practice that we attend to to help us overcome the ego. When we look out to Spring each year, we see the ritual of nature unfolding and emerging time and time again. Let this serve as a reminder that repetition can be beneficial and grounding. Our rituals help us hold steadfast in who we are and how we wish to be. Invite yourself to consider one ritual that you wish to reignite this Spring. 

Passive Pose of the Week: Full Pranam

Take a moment to greet yourself and your body in this very passive pose, inviting the ritual of self-acknowledgement into your practice. Come to lie on your belly. Let your hands and legs extend away from one another. Try to reduce any effort here and just let yourself soften, noticing the pressure of your belly on the floor as you breathe. You can turn on cheek to the floor or bring a gently folded blanket beneath the face for cushion.

Active Pose of the Week: Parsvottanasana (Pyramid Pose)

Say “hello” to the back of the body as you light yourself up in this intense stretch. Acknowledge your personal needs and adjust as necessary. Begin standing in Mountain Pose. Step your left foot back 2 – 3 ft. Now peak at those feet. Widen your feet towards the left and right edges of your mat. With your hands at your hips, take an inhale and extend the spine. Start to hinge from your hips and fold forward with your exhale. Try to press down through both feet as you fold, to help steady your balance. Keep the legs straight as you fold forward over the front thigh. We LOVE using blocks in Pyramid Pose to bring the ground closer. The blocks under then hands can offer a firmer base to push into, allowing the push of the hands in the blocks to give you some leverage as you fold. Hold for 5 – 7 breaths, and then slowly come up top stand.