NapTown @ Home 3/20/20

4 Rounds – 2:00 Work/2:00 Rest

  • Round 1 = Max Burpees
  • Round 2 = Max No Push Up Burpees
  • Round 3 = Man on Fire Burpees
  • Round 4 = Max Burpees

This workout consists of four intervals of 2:00 of work with 2:00 rest between them. Each round involves a different burpee variation with the goal of max reps in each interval.

You can make burpees easier by going back to a plank rather than the floor for every repetition. If the floor is still too far away, then you can take your hands to a chair or couch instead of to the floor. Stepping your feet back and forward from plank or the ground will also be a great way to alter this movement rather than jumping your feet.
Go faster! That is truly the best way to make this workout harder. If you want more of a cardio response from this workout and you are doing it on your own, then try doing 8 total rounds rather than just 4 and see if you can keep your reps from the last four rounds as close as possible to your reps from the first four rounds.