NapTown @ Home 3/23/20

20:00 Alternating EMOM


  • ODD: 5 No Push Up Burpees + 20 Hitchhikers
  • EVEN: 10 Air Squats + 30 Single Jumps


  • ODD: 5 No Push Up Burpees + 20 Shoulder to Overhead
  • EVEN: 10 Goblet Squats + 30 Single Jumps

This workout is an alternating EMOM for 20:00 with two movements to do on each of the minute intervals. The goal is to finish the work within the minute with 15 to 30 seconds of rest each minute so you can maintain the same amount of work throughout the entire 20 minutes. The shoulder to overhead reps can be performed with an object held in both hands or with 10 reps per side if you are holding the object in one hand.

The easiest way to scale this workout back is to drop the reps down for some or all of the movements to ensure that you can complete the work within the minute consistently.

The single jumps can be done over a line or a bell or just as penguin pats if you do not have a jump rope.
Adding reps to movements that are easiest for you is an option if you are breezing through this workout without any troubles.

The single jumps can be upscaled to a double under if you want a greater challenge.

Class Descriptions:

Fitness classes last around 45-50min! Classes are categorized as weighted vs. bodyweight.  You are welcome to join any class, whether you have equipment or not, but the coach will be leading the class based on the description listed. If the class is listed as bodyweight, then the coach will lead a warm-up and workout using no equipment. Weighted classes will be lead with the intention that all participants have a weight but you are able to modify to a bodyweight version on your own as needed (or vice versa). 

Specialty classes last 30 minutes and focus on a specific skill. Core class will be focusing on movements that help you to create a stronger midline. The mobility class will help you to get stretched out and fix your body after long periods of sitting. Buns and guns is an accessory driven class where we will focus on more isometric and targeted work to develop one muscle group at a time rather than using your whole body. Karate will be led by Richie and focusing on teaching some basics of karate. 

You can view the most up to date schedule and sign into class through Pike13!

All 4PM Public Fitness classes can be accessed here!