16.4 Intramural Scores

Friday Night Lights: After regularly scheduled classes at the Delaware location, we will be hosting 3 exciting heats of 16.5 action starting at 7:00pm. The first heat will feature the captains of the Intramural teams that have worked so hard over the past few weeks to help us run this competition smoothly. Second, we will have an old school heat of Jared vs. Peter. Lastly, a few fire breathers will be taking on 16.5 head to head: Anna Rode (2nd in the Central East), Laura Redman (11th in the Central East), Hudson Wikoff (26th in the Central East), and Jacob Howenstein (39th in the North Central). Click here to go to the Facebook event for more information. Post Open Cookout/Pitch In: On Saturday at 12:00pm, after the 11:00am CrossFit class at Monon, we will be having a celebratory cookout! We will be providing some food, but you are very much welcome to bring your own dish to pass and drinks to drink as well! Even if you have not been a part of the Open, you are very much welcome to come hang out. If you head up to the gym and no one seems to be there….check next store at Bent Rail where we will likely head as a bit of an after party around 2:00pm. Congratulations to these athletes who scored for their teams in week 3: 1st place men: Peter Brasovan and Rob McConnell 2nd place men: Jared Byczko and Bastian Himmeroeder 3rd place men: Zack Griffin and Josh Gritton

1st place women: Caitlin Byczko and Kelly Silvey 2nd place women: Caitlin Delk and Jane Beall 3rd place women: Marilee Tullis and Jessi Benedict
Bacon Me Crazy had the luck of the Irish this week as the spirit winners! 10404529_10100622913270417_715015980758309842_n SCORES WEEK 4: 1st Place: Team Formation 163 Points 2nd Place: Bacon Me Crazy 147 Points 3rd Place: AMRAPPERS Delight 125 Points 4th Place: Just the Kip 119 Points 5th Place: Brotato Chips 112 Points 6th Place: Flex Appeal 95 Points]]>