2016 Bracket Buster Information

bb_2 Who: the Bracket Buster is for anyone and everyone. The workouts are very beginner friendly, making it a great first competition for anyone looking to dip their toes into the competitive waters. Feel like you are a fire breather and want a challenge? Just because the workouts are beginner friendly does not make them easy my friends! be ready for a great competition that will challenge you mentally and physically all while having fun with friends. You just need to find a few friends to join you in the fun! What: this is a two day competition unlike any other in the area. Teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) will compete in 2 days of competition. The first day of competition will give teams a few workouts to test their fitness and seed them for day 2. On the second day of competition, teams will be seeded into one of three brackets based on their finish in day 1 (this means you will be competing against team of similar skill level). From that point on, each workout will be completed in a bracket style where the winner of the workout moves on and the loser is eliminated. Where: CrossFit NapTown located at 609 Northe Delaware St. Indianapolis, Indiana When: September 10th and 11th Why: why not? But really, it is a very fun and exciting competition with prizes given out for every single workout rather than just the people on the podium at the end of the weekend.


Get a group of 3 friends together and click here to register your team for the 2016 CFNT Bracket Buster.   bb162  

What if I am terrified of competition or am busy part of that weekend?

To make this event run smoothly, we need a team of dedicated individuals to judge, set up, and organize throughout the weekend. Volunteering is a great way to be a part of the competition if you are unsure. Click here and choose the volunteer tab to register as a judge or volunteer for this event!]]>