Intramural Open: Driven by Indy JoyRides, Recovered by Cryotherapy Indy

Scoring: Captains, or a captain appointed secretary, from each team will be responsible for keeping your team score.

  • Points will be awarded for those who finish in the top 3 on the male and female side in the rx’ed and scaled division of the open.
  • Points will be awarded for any athlete who takes the judges course.
  • Points will be awarded each week to one team for being extra spirited (the official intramural judges, coach Hudson and Anna, will decide the winner).
  • Finally, points will be awarded at one point during the open to any team who gets at least 75% of their team to attend a social gathering outside of the gym (proof via a photo will be required to confirm).
Captains will be in charge of helping their athletes get open scores submitted on time. When you finish the workout, you are not quite done. You must log in to your account and submit your score each week before Monday at 8:00pm (the workouts are released on Thursdays at 8:00pm each week). NOTE: Your score will not show up right away on the main CF Leaderboard. Coach Jared (Delaware) or Coach Hudson (Monon) will have to validate this score before it shows up. Please be patient! Prizes and Sponsorship: Each week, Cryotherapy Indy will be treating 10 athletes to a normatech session. We will draw 10 random names each week, meaning 50 athletes will win this prize over the course of the Open. JVF5WiO- Indy JoyRides is donating a free 14 person Indy Brew Tour party bus to the overall winning team. We realize some teams may be over 14 people, luckily the bus drives all over town and you can meet them all over the city, taking turns with who is riding and who is ubering around. The winning team will also win the glittery, bedazzled weight belt. Unknown   Weekend Schedule Changes: Look for more coaches to be around in classes to help with the business of the Open. If you are participating in the Open, then you will be required to judge every week in class and another classmate will return the favor and judge/count for you. We are going to make these classes as smooth as possible, but sometimes big Dave Castro makes it hard on us to get everyone through the class in one hour. Be prepared to perhaps go over an hour on occasion during these next few weeks on Fridays. The Saturday CrossFit class at Monon will also be programmed as the Open workout. If you are unable to make it to class on Friday, head up to Monon for the 11:00am class. If you regularly attend Monon on Saturdays and did the Open workout on Friday or do not care to do the workout, head downtown for the 9:30am or 10:30am CrossFit class at Delaware. Chances to get Open WODs in: Friday: 5:30am at Monon 5:45am at Delaware 7:00am at Delaware 9:00am at Delaware 12:00pm at Delaware 4:00pm at Delaware 5:00pm at Delaware 5:30pm at Monon 6:00pm at Delaware Saturday: 11:00am at Monon Sunday: 11:00am to 1:00pm Open Gym at Delaware 4:00pm to 5:00pm Open Gym at Monon NOTE: these are open gym times, a coach will not be leading you through a warm up. You will be responsible for asking around to get someone to judge you or trying to find a friend to help you out ahead of time. You will always need a judge while doing the Open workouts.    ]]>