Coming Soon: Weekly Program Forecasts

  • Constantly Varied: this is the bedrock of the CrossFit method. We are always looking to incorporate variation in our programming by changing the length of workouts, mixing up light and heavy weights, utilizing many different functional movements, doing workouts for time and AMRAPs, the list goes on and on. By using variation, we keep the gains train rolling so that we are always becoming fitter versions of our previous selves.
    • Macro Cycles: as much as we like to vary things up, we also incorporate cycles into our programming so that we can focus in on particular areas more in depth. We look at events coming up such as the Open, Barbells for Boobs, or an Olympic Lifting meet to focus our energies in on specific areas that will promote success in those events as well as hone in on weaknesses that need more refined focus to really improve.
    • Program for the Elite: we are well aware that not everyone in the gym is an elite athlete. However, we program to challenge the elite athlete and use scales to make the workouts safe and approachable for other athletes. In this way, we allow athletes at every level to improve their fitness by finding the level that is right for them.
      Use the weekly programming blurbs to help you plan ahead for your week and resist the urge to cherry pick when a day sounds like it may be a little outside of your comfort zone. We believe in an open forum here at Myriad CrossFit, if you ever have questions or input on the programming, please feel free to reach out to to have your voice heard.]]>