CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/16/20-3/22/20

PSA: please do not come to the gym if you are sick. When you arrive in the gym, please wash your hands and wash them again upon leaving. Limit the use of equipment as much as possible to limit to number of surfaces touched. Avoid hugging and high giving one another while in the space to keep a safe distance as much as possible

Monday: we will start the week off with a bit of barbell work, focusing on our clean technique. We will then continue to use that barbell with light weight paired with a gymnastics movement for a fun couplet

Tuesday: getting the day started with a bit of gymnastics work to get us primed for some accessory skill work. Your accessory piece will feature a bit of single leg work and gymnastics strength. We will close the day out with a longer couplet that will get us outside.

Wednesday: more gymnastics strength work to start the day out before moving into a fun cardio piece. You will be working towards a longer target piece with breaks on the minute with a bit of jump roping work

Thursday: starting our day out with a bit of tempo strength work to really focus on our positioning and activation. We will finish the day with a triplet featuring all bodyweight movements.

Friday: we will start the day with accessory work focusing on single leg strength and overhead stability. You will move into an AMRAP to close the day out with some explosive work and pulling with a barbell.

Saturday: getting into a pair of AMRAPs featuring all of the cardio today to close out the week