CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/9/20-3/15/20

Monday: we are getting back to benchmark Monday’s with a classic girl workout today! We will start off with a bit of gymnastics skill work as a part of a gymnastics cycle that we will be taking through the spring months.

Tuesday: getting the day started with agility and power work that will lead us into the workout for the day. Spring is starting to show herself and we are celebrating by getting outside with a little cardio and gymnastics couplet

Wednesday: getting the day started with a bit of Olympic lifting technique work. You will have the option to go heavier here or stay light to work on moving really well. We will close the day out with another couplet, this time working with your jump rope and a heavy dumbbell.

Thursday: more gymnastics work to start the day out, working on consistency in our shapes. We will finish the day with a tough barbell workout where we are going to challenge you with the weight on the bar.

Friday: more work on the barbell today, this time going overhead with jerk variations. We will close out the day with a workout incorporating a variety of shoulder to overhead movements and the rower.

Saturday: getting outside again to close out our week with a combination of strongman and cardio movements. Join us for a nice long sweat to get your weekend started!