CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/13/17-3/19/17

Monday: back to light weight, high rep squats to start the day off. We will have a lot of time between sets today for you to mobilize and warm up for the day’s workout. Your workout will be an AMRAP involving a mix of cardio and bodyweight movements. Tuesday: the first part of the day will be a skill piece focusing on strengthening the core and getting the posterior chain working. When you finish up that skill work, we will move into a quick couplet of jumping rope and heavy lifting. Wednesday: time trial test day! We are going to be hitting a few rounds of a movement building up the intensity each round to an eventual time trial effort. The day will finish off with a little skill practice for a movement we may possibly see in this week’s open wod! Thursday: our workout for the day is a big ole barbell complex. The weights are light an the reps are many. I encourage those doing the Open to come in and do this as a shake out day with mobility sprinkled in throughout. If you are not signed up for the Open, this workout can be pushed plenty hard to have you walking out feeling accomplished today. Friday: 17.4! We have no idea what will be released so be ready for anything! You can watch the Open announcements live on or check in on the blog later Thursday evening or Friday morning. Saturday: our hope is to get outside and play around a little bit this week with some odd objects (trying to make up last week’s workout). This workout may change pending on the weather and the workout that we see as 17.4. Have a fun and fit week!]]>