CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/27/19-6/2/19

Your workouMonday: spending the holiday with the hero workout Murph to honor a fallen hero. Tuesday: getting back into the swing of the week with some kettlebell stabilizing work. Your workout for the day will have a few options depending on how Murph went for you, with an option to take it easy and fun with a partner or go hard on your own. Wednesday: getting back to the barbell in the middle of this short week. Your workout will feature another heavy barbell and some cardio work for a tough couplet. Thursday: back to stabilizing skill work today for the shoulders and core. We will move into a quick interval workout in the form of a TABATA featuring some quick, high heart rate inducing movements. Friday: back to a heavy barbell to close out the week before taking on a couplet with a few fun twists. You will have your choice of breaking up the high rep KB movements. On top of this strategizing challenge, you will have work to complete every 3:00 before working towards your chosen scheme. Saturday: getting into some strong-person movements to kick off the weekend. We will finish the day with a partner workout featuring more grunt work and some additional DB fun. Have a fun and fit week!]]>