CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 8/26/19-9/1/19

Monday: getting the week started with a mashup of two of my favorite benchmark workouts, a classic girl WOD with a quick, single modality hero workout for a fun couplet! We will get into some accessory work at the start of the day to prep you for the workout. Tuesday: back on the barbell to start off your Tuesday with high repetition squats where you will be looking to work your strength endurance. Your workout is a nasty interval piece with short work intervals and even shorter rest periods. Pack your jump rope if you have your own! Wednesday: even more interval work for your Wednesday. We will take on three different triplets in an interval fashion with a different cardio piece at the start of each interval followed by bodyweight and explosive movements. The goal of today is to challenge your recovery and test your gymnastics under fatigue. Thursday: back to strength work on your Thursday, this time with a heavy barbell thrown in a workout. We will spend a good bit of time with accessory movements to help you build to the heavy working weight. You will be mixing the heavy lift with a short run to test your cardio alongside your strength. Friday: working difficult gymnastics work to start the day out. The key to making this challenge effective is forcing yourself to work your hardest possible version of each movement, even if it means resting longer between sets. You will be taking on a partner workout to close out the work week full of dumbbell work that you can break up any way you want with your friend. Saturday: You will be taking on a longer AMRAP over the weekend featuring a fun ad playful new pull up variation alongside some cardio and other gymnastics work suggested by Robbie Scheele. Have a fun and fit week!]]>