5 Stages of a First Open

The 5 Stages of a First Open

From the comfort of the front desk at CrossFit NapTown I have seen many a CrossFiter throw caution to the wind and take on the challenge that is The Open. For some reason, I decided I should try it out myself this year. Through this decision, I have experienced five stages of emotions that may help some of you who are little nervous yourselves feel a little less alone. Stage 1: Excitement The rush of putting your credit card information into The CrossFit Games website and filling out the form is real. Of course, I signed up after a workout when I was in that post WOD glow: that feeling after completing a workout when your endorphins cause you to forget that ‘things’ and ‘life’ are scary and you think you can do anything. It’s similar to making grand plans while drinking. That high made me think it was a good idea to tell everyone within earshot or text message about how great I am for signing up for my first open. Then came stage 2. Stage 2: Fear As I awoke the morning after signing up sore and 30, the floodwaters of reality rushed in. I’ve made a huge mistake. Can I unregister? Do they do refunds? I’ve pulled a Maverick, “My ego is writing checks my body can’t cash.” My double unders suck and I can’t snatch. Why did I think I could do these workouts? Panic has set in. Stage 3: Anger I was consumed with anger towards myself, my friends, and Dave Castro. Anger at myself for telling people I was going to do The Open, making it impossible to back out without embarrassment. I was angry with my friends for encouraging such reckless behavior. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Finally, angry at Dave Castro for well…being Dave Castro. Stage 4: Bargaining I can do the scaled division right. No one will notice. How long does it take to learn double unders? I can practice for like 10 minutes before a workout. I prayed to a deity of Greg Glassman to let all the workouts have just one thing I can do. Is that too much to ask? Stage 5: Acceptance At least doing the NapTown Intramural Open will be fun!   1915352_883769307198_8230285_n]]>