Comfort in the Uncomfortable

You’ve likely been there before. Smack dab in the middle of a WOD. You’re out of breath. Lungs and muscles are burning. The weight on the bar, pace of your run, speed of your movement feels like it is right before your breaking point. You’re not sure just how much longer you go.

In the simplest of terms, you’re uncomfortable.
Once you reach this point, there are really only two choices. It’s the most important decision you will make during your workout; Ease up, or keep pushing.
Why do we need to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable?
Two reasons.
  1. It’s where your goals exist.
Any goal worth setting exists outside of our comfort zone. They are places we have never been before. Unfamiliar territory. This can understandably be scary. There is much uncertainty in these places. However, in order to achieve what you’ve never done before, you need to do push yourself to where you’ve never been before.
  1. You are stronger than you realize.
It’s common knowledge that the mind is a powerful thing. Your mind is the governor for your body. It dictates whether you ease up or keep pushing. Here is the kicker. You can control your mind with the choices you make. When you decide to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, you take the limits off of your mind. By doing so, you allow your body to come closer to reaching its full potential.
Next time you find yourself in that place of discomfort, decide to be comfortable. Change that grimace into a look of relaxed confidence and go for it!
Karl Eagleman