Handstand Progressions: Phase 1 "so you wanna kick up??"

  • be patient: it has taken Shannon and myself a lot of focused effort to get to where we are in our handstand skills/practice. If you have never gone upside down before, you will likely not be walking on your hands in less than a week. This shiz takes time. Enjoy the process and the progress will come.
  • be consistent: the process takes even longer if you are inconsistent with your handstand work. You cannot expect to do these drills once a month and make big gains. It takes focused effort on them for a long period of time to really make #gainz. We recommend doing these drills 2 to 3 times a week for the best results.
  • be communicative: if you are unsure of a drill, ask questions or come back to here or the videos to get clarification. No need to injure yourself trying something crazy because you were not sure how to do it safely. Your health/safety/well being is our number one priority, so be smart about doing this stuff on your own. Drag a friend in to do this stuff with you and work on your handstand goals together!
  •     click here for the entire progression in videos!

    Phase 1 Workout:

    3 Rounds: :30 Thoracic Opener :30 Active Hang from Rig :30 Hollow Body Plank Hold :30 Hollow Body Hold :30 Slide Ups/Walk Ups :30 Dainty Mountain Climbers

    You do not have to complete all :30 in one go if you are not there yet. Build up to that point. Take as much rest as you need between movements but try to keep moving so that the entire thing takes about 15 minutes. Good luck to everyone on phase one! Tag us in your photos and videos when you try these out using these hashtags: #naptownhandstands #practiceflying]]>