Lurong Living Nutrition Levels

Should I Take Part in the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge if I Don’t Eat Paleo?   A perfectly valid question, we are glad you asked! The Paleo Diet has with it many positives and negatives, depending on the individual and their particular experience. The great news about this challenge is that it doesn’t require even the highest level of nutrition accountability to follow the Paleo Diet in a strict manner. In fact, you have three different options to choose from depending on where you are at with your current lifestyle. The goal of this challenge is to help you make positive changes in your life. If you already eat a fairly clean diet, maybe you go all in to the elite level. If you have never really changed your diet up before and tend to eat whatever is in front of you, perhaps you try out with the more manageable starter level to make more conscious nutritional choices. Here is a break down of the 3 nutrition levels: Elite: This is the most restrictive level, but with it comes the greatest improvements. It focuses on removing inflammatory and problematic foods, controlling your insulin response, and giving the body a reset metabolically. You can consider this level the best way to set a new baseline in 5 weeks to find out how your body reacts to certain foods. Although it is similar to Paleo, it is not bound to the current trends and tenets of the Paleo Diet. Key Restrictions: Dairy, sugar, some natural sweeteners, legumes, white potatoes, wheat, rice, breads, pastas, corn, artificial ingredients Key Allowances: Ghee, cocoa powder, 100% raw unsweetened chocolate, limited natural sweeteners, 1 whey protein supplement with no added sugar per day, 1 glass of wine per day   Pro: The Pro level is perfect for anyone looking for more flexibility in dietary options. You may be an elite level athlete, but know that you perform better with options such as dairy or grains. You could also just not be ready to commit to the stricter guidelines of the Elite Level. Then the Pro Level would be perfect for you. Key Restrictions: Wheat, corn, sugar, fruit juices, most alcohol, breads, pastas, artificial ingredients Key Allowances: Quinoa, whey protein supplements, rice, oatmeal (not instant), legumes, natural sweeteners, some alcohol, most dairy (natural), caffeinated supplements   Starter: The Starter Level is a true starting point for those wanting to learn more about food and their nutrition. The focus of the Starter Level is to restrict certain foods that you may not even realize can and do have an impact on your body and even how you think about food. Key Restrictions: Wheat/whole wheat, sugar, soda, juice from concentrate, candy, meal replacement products, and artificial ingredients Key Allowances: All other grains, some alcohol, all fruit, starchy vegetables, natural sweeteners, dairy, legumes, lemon/lime juice, caffeinated supplements, whey protein supplements For more details of each of the 3 dietary levels, please visit Lurong Living’s official website of the 3 Diet Levels.]]>