It’s Jared — the owner of Myriad Health + Fitness and fearless team leader!

An experienced coach with 11+ years under his belt, Jared has been with Myriad since the beginning. Jared loves to help people find the best version of themselves, and loves this aspect of coaching. In his own words, when asked what he loves most about coaching: “Teaching and showing people what our bodies are capable of physically and mentally. People face adversity in every single fitness class and yoga session, how do they embrace that and turn that into good?!?! That’s the secret sauce. Currently, Jared’s favorite fitness movement is running, which is likely due to his own current, personal running journey. Outside of the gym Jared loves his family fun time. It usually consists of long walks with his daughter Ismay, his partner Caitlin, and their pitbull, Indy. If you have met Jared before, it may come as no surprise that he loves a good life hack. He enjoys reading books on self development; financial literacy, habit formation, business development, etc. Ask him what he is reading next time you see him around!