YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 10.24 – 10.30

“Be like the sun who fell in love with the moon and shared all his light.” ― Kamand Kojouri

Weekly Focus: Parvati // Goddess of Nourishment + Devotion + Harmony

Parvati: Hindu goddess representing goodness of nourishment, harmony and devotion. The archetypal maternal figure. 

Parvati is an example of maternal devotion and care. She represents determination, divine feminine, and recreative energy. How do we pull from her representation and symbolism to inspire a sense of devotion to ourselves and our efforts — finding resonation with what we experience physically and perceive internally. As we continue to do our best, we care for the Self wholly, so that we may find that same sense of care for others. Life is a long journey, how well can we devote ourselves to the path?

Align/Flow: Deviasana // Goddess Squat

In goddess pose, we take the legs wide, about 3 – 4 feet apart, bend the knees deeply and squat into the legs. This pose is not always a crowd pleaser, but it does a lot of good! Goddess helps us find an active opening of our hips and the backs of the legs. It will also work the core and the muscles of the legs. Most of us will struggle to keep the torso upright without jutting our butt out behind us. If you notice this tendency in yourself, give permission to lessen the bend in the knees and lift out of the squat slightly. Check in to make sure the low back feels OK, the legs are engaged, and we are energetically pressing the knees away from each other. Devote yourself to a stable AND comfortable position for your body, while honoring Parvati with a goddess squat.

Stretch/Restore: Advasana // Prone/Reverse Corpse Pose (Belly Down)

Advasana — the opposite of Savsasana. Take your traditional Corpse Pose (lying on your back) and reverse it to your belly. Arms and legs can go wide, taking up space around you. Utilize as many props as you like here — we can support the head with a blanket, turning to one cheek. Arms can lie alongside you or perhaps even overhead. if you feel pain in the low back, support the ankle with a bolster. If you are chilly, put a blanket over you. Allow space to rest in this pose for several minutes, taking time to honor and nurture your body and your breath. It is from a place of harmony and nourished support that we are better able to do our best and stay devoted to that course.