🌟 Meet Mickey! Mickey has been coaching since 2019. The smiles + energy of Myriad members + friends are what draws him to coaching! In fact, his favorite morning of every week is Wednesday when Mickey has the honor of coaching our 5:45 am Bootcamp. As he states, “we enter 916 with sleep still in our eyes; and within minutes, we are all laughing and having a blast with one another!” He also really enjoys “MOVE with Mickey” (made famous by Mickey, of course!) on Sundays – AKA “this is some Mickey-bulls***” – it allows him to get creative with workout programming! Mickey loves witnessing the transformations of clients; as he says, “makes my heart explode!” (awwww, love that!!) Mickey’s favorite movements are any that he introduces into MOVE with Mickey that illicit glares or “WTF is this?” Also – push-ups and pull-ups. In his off-time, Mickey is a horror-fanatic! All things horror including watching scary movies on the silver screen, hosting scary movie nigh, attending horror movie conventions, getting horror icon tattoos — “I love scary s***!” After hearing all that, it may not surprise you that Mickey has saved every ticket stub from every movie he has seen since September 1991. Next time you see Mickey, ask him what his favorite horror movie is!

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