Marion County Public Health Order: What it means for NapTown

In accordance with the Marion County Public Health Order, beginning July 9 all persons at a Myriad CrossFit facility will be required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering/leaving the building as well as anytime one is outside the personal 8×10 areas. Based on our conversations with Marion County public health officials, masks are strongly encouraged, but not required, within your personal 8 x 10 area. Simply put, the only time you can take off your mask is in your own personal 8×10 area. 


  • You enter the building…wear a mask. 
  • You need to use the restroom…wear a mask. 
  • You go out for a warm up run and leave your square…wear a mask (you can take it off outside)
  • You go on the prescribed 400M run for the workout, when you leave your square…wear a mask. (you can take it off outside)
  • You leave the square and building when class is over…wear a mask. 

We want to keep NapTown and the greater community as safe as possible. 

Here are some of our favorite local businesses selling masks and face coverings:

Here are two lists of masks made with athletics in mind:

If you know someone who cannot afford a face mask or needs assistance in acquiring one Marion County is providing free face masks for residents who may not be able to acquire one themselves.

As always, you can email with any questions or concerns.