“The Stutz” Update #2: March 2023

This is part #2 of an ongoing series of blog posts to keep our staff, members, and community “in the know” on what is happening with Myriad’s impending move into The Stutz. 

It’s still happening! (haha)
A few weeks ago, Myriad Health + Fitness finalized the construction pricing with Capitol Construction. To be frank, the supply chain + current conditions in the construction industry has really handcuffed us in this project. We’ve worked hard to really sort out the “needs” vs. “wants” with this project. The good news — we are pumped about what is being included in the build-out. The OK news — we plan to add more in the future, but we need to figure out the flow of the buildings before we start making more permanent decisions. More on that in a later blog post.

At this moment, we are currently waiting on the plumbing + electrical drawings. Upon submission, we will apply for our Construction Design Release with the State. Once that is approved, we can then move forward with the city + the construction will begin.

The estimated build-out time frame is 3 – 5 months, which puts us anywhere between June 1st – August 1st, 2023, as our Grand Opening for our spaces in The Stutz.  To be safe, we’ve been calling it “sometime in July” as our official/unofficial date.

Here are some sneak peak photos of the interior of building G…

Photo taken from the main entrance of Building G (northeast corner of the building).

Photo taken from the southwest corner of the building. This will be primarily the bootcamp space all the way up to the green garage door in the distance (which will be used for running routes).

Photo taken from the northwest corner of the building. This will be primarily the weightlifting space. Locker rooms/restrooms will be in this area as well (just past where the bus currently is).
The storefront for Myriad Yoga in Building E. More to come with photos on the Myriad Yoga space. We are the first tenant visitors will see as they enter the Main Entrance on the north side of the building.

In addition, Myriad has also executed on a one-year contract to be tenants of Industrious The Stutz. We began that journey on March 1st + it has been awesome to have such a clean, unique space to work on all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ items of Myriad.

The Myriad Leadership Team during our weekly Level 10 Meeting at Industrious at the Stutz. We follow EOS (Entreprenuerial Operating System) so we have a weekly 90 minute meeting.