YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 03.06 – 03.12

“Drink in the moon as though you might die of thirst.” ― Sanober Khan

Weekly Focus: Chandra (the moon)

This week, we honor the beauty of the full moon. The moon, or chandra, is often seen as a maternal figure — we draw upon these qualities as we continue to await the sun. Related to qualities of revival + nourishment, this can be a good time to find self-care + connection with our feminine natures to help us to feel nurtured, despite the endless cold (or in Indiana, indecisive weather). Soon, we will see less of the moon as the days grow longer + we drift through this time of transition. Consider how you can enjoy these last dark nights to create some extra self care for yourself before the season shifts. We consider the moon’s flowing, cyclical nature to help us transition + adapt as we prepare to enter a new season. 

Active Pose of the Week: Skandasana

Honor the radiance of the moon + connect to your feminine energies with this low bearing posture. Skandasana takes our weight deep into one hip at a time. While we often see skandasana pictured in a very low stance, it is good to remember that this pose doesn’t have to look this way every time we get into it, or ever! Take your time with this pose — if you are entering skandasana cold + early into a practice, your ankles or hips may not let you get very low — totally normal, totally OK. Perhaps try entering the pose a few times within your practice, to warm up the joints + give your body space to deepen. Ease into skandasana with the fluid nature of the moon.

Passive Pose of the Week: Reclined Crescent (supine side stretch)

Feel good in this reclining stretch + allow yourself to be exposed to the moon’s beauty, basking in her glow. As you lie on your back, stretch your arms + feet away from one another + walk them to one side of your mat, making a banana or crescent shape with the body. Don’t think too hard about this pose, breath deeply into the ribs, allowing the breath to expand + nourish the body.