Weekly Programming Preview : 11/23-11/27

getting our week started with the Fall Full Body Challenge baseline retest! We did this workout on November 2nd and are retesting it again today to see if you have improved in the last few weeks. We will close the day out with some gymnastics skill work to close things out.

starting your Tuesday out with a heavy barbell with a test of strength on your Olympic lifting. We will close the day out with lighter barbell cycling and jump rope work in an interval piece.

getting our day started with more gymnastics work with pushing work and core time. Your workout today will be a two round chipper with more gymnastics work at higher rep ranges.

classes will be limited today with a few MOVE classes at the start of Thanksgiving Day. You will be working with a med ball for your warm up before diving into an interval piece with a DB, burpees, and some cardio work.

another day of limited classes for Black Friday. We will be working through a series of AMRAPs with a different couplet for each one.

back to our normal schedule today. We will start the day out with a bit of strength work on the barbell before closing the holiday weekend out with a bit of cardio intervals!