Weekly Programming Preview : 11/30-12/6

getting the week going with another strength test to see where we are at in our Olympic lifting after Thanksgiving day! We will close today out with a DB couplet.

spending Giving Tuesday with a NapTown tradition, the Artie Stevens Memorial workout. We have made a few modifications to this interval workout this year to make it more COVID friendly.

starting today out with a bit of accessory work focusing on the posterior chain and shoulder stability. Your workout will be a longer cardio test after a Tuesday’s short sprint intervals.

working on strength to start today off with tempo squat work. You will close today out with an endurance strength test. You will work through one movement in a descending ladder with ascending weight each round.

closing the week out with more accessory work for quality focused on mobility and shoulder stability. Your workout will be longer interval work for max reps.

Testing a benchmark to get the weekend started. You will start the day out with gymnastics skill work to get going before testing the girl workout Jackie.