YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 03.20 – 03.26

“Thought is the seed of action.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Weekly Focus: Bija (seed)

Finally, we have come upon the Spring Equinox! As the ground slowly begins to thaw, we start to see spring on the horizon. The new moon this week is the perfect time to plant the seeds of our intentions. Everything has a starting point — every new life, every new action, every new spark. Bija is the seed that is the starting point for growth + change. The metaphor of a seed is the reminder that our intentions are just that — small nuggets of plans that we aim to set into motion. Planting a seed is more than a passing thought. By planting the seeds of our intentions, we are creating a plan that we intend to nurture, protect + watch over. This also reminds us that just as seeds require time + patience to fully form into mature plants, our intentions require time + patience to become instinctual, habitual, set. What seeds are you planting this spring?

Active Pose of the Week: Prayer Twist Lunge

Ring out to make space for your new intentions in this deep twist. Clear your mind to plant the seeds. During Winter, we may build up a lot of gunk. This can show up physically if we have a tendency towards staying inside, eating heavier, staying sedentary. It can show up mentally + emotionally if we have a tendency towards seasonal affective disorder, towards hoarding thoughts or feelings, keeping to ourselves. And the spirit can feel blocked when the body + mind do as well. This week’s pose provides a deep twist to get things things moving! Twists stimulate our digestive organs + clear the mind. A favorite way to practice this pose is near a wall — try lunging so that your bent knee is nearest the wall. From here, gather your navel towards your spine + turn towards the wall, letting your hands use the wall as leverage to help ground + stabilize you. You might practice this way before heading towards your mat + working towards the full pose. A great way to warm up the spine + find the twist in the upper back.

Passive Pose of the Week: Uttanasana (standing forward fold)

Bow in honor of your intention to plant your seeds for the upcoming year. Another pose that can be fun to try at the wall. Facing towards the center of the room, stand with your feet just a few inches from the wall (whatever is comfortable for you). As you bow forward into your fold, you can feel the wall behind you as a support + provider of feedback. Don’t worry about getting your knees completely straight. A soft bend in the knees here can be accommodating + helpful to feel your belly to thigh connection — stimulating the digestion + providing a gentle massage of the internal organs.