CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 10/10-10/16

Monday: All about the gymnasties today to start off our testing week. You will have a nice warm up followed by two max effort tests on gymnastics movements. LOG YOUR SCORES THIS WEEK! We will retest in a few weeks and see how much improvement we can make with focused effort in that area. Your workout is also very gymnasty and will give you an opportunity to test more of your capacity in body weight movements. Tuesday: more gymnastics testing to start the day off. If you are worried about maintaining strength during this cycle, breathe a sigh of relief. Your strength work is going to come more in the form of your metcons with heavier weights mixed into that portion of your fitness. Today is a nasty combination of pushing and pulling with some heavy weight. Wednesday: time to get them abs pumping today! Your testing is all about checking out our core strength. Your workout is back to strength disguised as conditioning. Wear your oly shoes if you prefer squatting in them! Thursday:  Taking a break from testing this week and enjoying a bit of mobility before your grueling workout. It is a chipper of 100 reps between two movements that you can partition in any way you like. Have fun strategizing! Friday: last bit of gymnastics testing for the week today. Again, record your scores so we know where you are at, where we need to focus more of our drills in the coming weeks, and so you have totally quantifiable evidence of all the gainzzzz you make in a few weeks. Your workout today is a classic CrossFit triplet with pushing and pulling and a mix of monstructural, weightlifting, and gymnastics movements #GGwouldbeproud. Saturday: come in and sweat it out with a med ball today. Wear your running shoes and get ready to learn some fun new movements that will likely have you feeling soreness in some new areas! Have a fun and fit week!]]>