CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 10/17-10/23

register for Barbells 4 Boobs this weekend if you have not done so already. We will be running heats of Grace plus a SWIFTy workout from 2:00 t0 4:00pm followed by escapades at Two Deep Brewery where $1 of every beer purchased will be donated to our cause! Monday: we will be mixing up weightlifting and gymnastics today. The start of the workout will be some mobility to work on your overhead position before moving into the lifting piece. You will use the weight you finish at as a bee for your workout. The workout will involve a combination of a classic CrossFit lady with a lift to finish each round off. Tuesday: your day will start off with a core complex because that is the basis of all of our gymnastics movements. The workout is a combination of running hard and some weightlifting. The goal of each round is to add weight but stay consistent on moving the barbell. Wednesday: today is going to be interesting. You will likely not feel incredible gassed by the end of the day, however, that means nothing in terms of your physical advancement. I promise that you will get your heart rate up and work hard but there will be a lot of rest. The reason for the rest: to keep you going HARD when you are working. Take today on with an open mind and read an article on more of the “why” behind this workout when the actual day goes live. The goal is to work outside today, so bundle up if it is a tad chilly! Thursday:  all about the gymnastics today. We will be getting upside down, getting on top of stuff, and working our booties. You will have a skill warm up, a more in depth skill EMOM, and then a workout for time building upon the movements we did earlier in the day. Friday: we are learning a new drill today to work our lat activation and putting it into practice in a tabata series. The goal is perfect movement over repetitions. Quality over quantity is the theme here. Your workout will be a mix of barbells and gymnastics. Nothing too heavy, but good time to practice our barbell cycling. Saturday: working today with a human partner and a kettle bell partner. If the weather is chilly, pack a long sleeve shirt or some pants for the first part of your workout. Have a fun and fit week!]]>