CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 10/24-10/30

Click here to buy your tickets! Monday: we had two really great muscle up sessions over the course of last week and will be throwing in the drills we learned then into today’s skill piece. Your workout will be an AMRAP combining strict gymnastic movements and heavy ish weightlifting. Tuesday: the day will start of with weightlifting with a focus on hitting positions as you move through the pull. The workout is a nasty rotating EMOM of different mono structural exercise (i.e. cardio). Bring your jump rope and some positive self talk! Wednesday: the first portion of the day will be a challenging core conditioning piece. We will take some time to go over the movements as many of them will be new to most of you. The workout is super light weight but it will surely gas you. Be prepared to be rolling on the floor afterwards. Thursday:  we are re testing a strength endurance piece that we did about a year ago. It will take some strategizing to really get your best number here so those who have done it before will certainly have a leg up (if they can remember their old score…). The workout to follow will be a test of your kipping efficiency and a grip burner. See how long you can hang on! Friday: the start of the day will be accessory work to get your core and back side ready for some heavy lifting (along with some holiday themed word play). Your workout is a 20:00 AMRAP consisting of one VERY heavy lift followed by body weight movements. Basically, there is a little something for everybody and we will have so much FUN! Saturday: BRING A PUMPKIN TODAY! I would recommend one that you are comfortable maneuvering around. We would like to do this workout outside if it is nice enough out so bring clothes to bundle up in if it is sunny but chilly. It wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t make you do something silly 🙂 Have a fun and fit week!]]>