CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 11/28-12/4

goal setting clinic with Shannon on December 10th from 2:00 to 4:00pm. In coordination with this clinic and the holiday season, we are holding a “12 days of fitness” challenge. All you have to do is set a SMART goal and write it on the white board at any of our locations, work towards that goal, and attend at least 12 classes in the month of December. If you nail all of that, then you will be entered to win a free month of unlimited membership for yourself and another entry to win a free month for a friend to try us out! Monday: nothing like a LONG workout and some stretchy stretching to work out the last of your holiday hangover. Time to spend some quality time just moving after the weekend and getting ourselves back into the fitness routine. No strength. No skill. Lots of sweat. Some mobility. Tuesday: back onto our strength work to start the day off. Your workout is a bit open esque with a time frame you need to get work done in with a more and more challenging amount of work each interval. You may like to wear your oly shoes today if you prefer to squat in them. This is going to be a mental test and a test of muscular endurance. Wednesday: strength work on the posterior chain to get you started today before hopping into another open workout. This is an oldie but goodie that you will want to feel springy for. Grab you best jumping shoes and mash out your feet beforehand if you know jumping tends to aggravate your feet or calves. Thursday:  getting back to Olympic lifting position work today, this time working to full depth. Another day where extra equipment may be helpful for you if that helps out your weightlifting. Your workout is highly gymnasty with a cardio twist to break it up. Friday: finishing the week off with your last bit of strength work for the week. Your workout is another long grinder that will ask you to just KEEP MOVING. This is a day that you may be tempted to hop over to yoga or SWIFT to avoid this. I get it. Let’s try to put on the mental toughness cap and face the challenge! Saturday: finishing the week off with some skill work to begin your day and finishing with a couplet of jumping, pushing, and booty work. Have a fun and fit week!]]>