CrossFit Programming Preview : 1/23/17-1/29/17

click this link to register! Our workouts will continue to include past Open workouts and movements that typically challenge people during the Open so we can be the most prepared. Monday: working pressing strength today from the split position to get more comfortable in there. This will build into the rest of your workout with a combination of barbell and body weight movements to get your heart rate up and sweat on before testing our strength with a maximal lift. Tuesday: we are bringing back the Open workout we moved around last week to today! Bring your jump rope and some strategy in mind to put out YOUR best performance. Before hitting the workout, we will be playing with some dynamic movements to challenge your stability overhead. Wednesday: you will be working today on strength work with gymnastics skills. This is not a skill we practice very often so I expect to see tons of PRs (because a first time doing something is obviously a PR). After that strength piece, you will finish the day off with a quick workout testing your strength endurance. Thursday:  the Open is nearly upon us and that means mental toughness work is here as well. You will be taking on a simple triplet today with three different movements. The challenging part is finding a pace and sticking with it for the longer AMRAP. We will play around with some inverted work afterwards to reward your hard work with play time! Friday: week 4 of Row’d Royalty is here! It is your last week to show what you’ve got on the rower, let’s give ’em hell. Saturday: you will be partnering up today for a long grind of body weight and cardio movements. There will be some rest built in at times and I promise you will be glad for it. Have a fun and fit week!]]>