The Good Old Days

It happened a few months ago. The noontime class at Naptown on Delaware had just finished with a nasty metcon. Everyone was completely exhausted and regaining the strength to rise from their puddles of sweat, put away their gear, and move on. Like a co-ed team of different ages and backgrounds, high fives and sincere “great jobs” were exchanged. Coach recorded our scores and we all went our separate ways.

I lumbered to the locker room. Switching my focus to now shower up, change, and hustle back to work downtown, along with the few other dudes who had the same agenda.
I mentioned to my friend Bryan, “Man, these are the good, old days.”
“Yeah,” he replied. “I think I know what you mean.”
Ten years from now, we’ll be thinking back to these times when we used our lunch break to meet at Naptown, jam with our buddies, squeeze in the best damn workout, and then hurry back to our jobs. All so we can go home and spend the rest of the evening with our families.”
“Yup, I was thinking the same thing,” he said.
This is it, friends. Right now, these are the good old days. Don’t take them for granted. By no means am I saying that it all goes down from here, or that it doesn’t get better than this. No, not at all. I just ask that you take a second to appreciate these days right now. These good old days.
I truly believe that my best days are always still ahead of me. I’ll always be an optimist. It may be my personality or my faith, but I always know that regardless of how bad or good things currently are, better times are yet to come. So far that has proven to be true.
NapTown is truly a special place. Our coaches genuinely want to see us succeed and challenge us to find the outer reaches of our limits.  Where else are you tested like this? Where else in your day-to-day routine are you placed in the position to experience the honest measure of your potential? Don’t take that opportunity for granted. Ten years from now, when you’re older, wiser, and fitter(!!!), you’ll look back and smile about these good old days.
Karl Eagleman, USA Track and Field, Jam Master, Resident Tall Man