CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 1/16-1/22

Monday: starting the week off with some good old fashioned strength work before moving into a nasty 2 round workout with a light weight barbell and some cardio burning. Success in this workout will be all about moving consistently through all of the movements and keeping a steady pace through the multiple rounds. Tuesday: more classic strength work to start your day, this time going overhead. You workout is meant to be a fast couplet meaning we will be spending a little extra time getting warmed up and mobilized for the day. The couplet today is a mix of a fast paced low skill movement and a higher level gymnastics skill that will challenge you to make bigger sets. Wednesday: today’s warm up is going to be some plyometric work to get you moving fast and explosively. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone slightly! The workout is another classic Open workout that is one of the few to have appeared in multiple years of the Open. Thursday:  working on pulling and grip stamina today for your strength piece. This will be a good day to practice your breath work while staying under tension. Your workout will be a date with a kettlebell and some higher level movements that we do not play with too often. Friday: week 3 of Row’d Royalty is here! Keep up the great work NapTown and we could have a three-peat on our hands! Pending on the workout, we will add in a post workout skill piece to get you some practice in before the Open is upon us in late February. Saturday: our friends up at Top Fuel CrossFit recently suffered a great loss in their community with the sudden passing on one of their coaches. We will be paying tribute to him on Saturday with a memorial workout in his honor. Have a fun and fit week!]]>