CrossFit Weekly Program Preview: 8/22-8/28

Monday: We are putting finishing touches on the deadlift/bench/split jerk cycle this week before retesting those movements next week to see how we have improved. Today will give you an opportunity to work the split jerk from behind the neck as some skill work followed by an opportunity to get somewhat heavy in the workout portion of the day. Be prepared to go hard and fast (cuddling optional). Tuesday: The focus will be on the gymnasty side of things and will feature a longer workout with a lot of high level skills thrown in. Wednesday: Our focus will continue to be on skill work followed by a workout that will surely make your legs burn. Thursday: Wear your running shoes today for a fun little partner workout. This day will also include a part two that will challenge your mental capacity to hang on. Friday: We will be back on the barbell for a bit of deadlift strength work and a 5 round barbell complex that you will likely want your Olympic Lifting shoes for if you’ve got ’em. Saturday: The week will finish off with a set of partner workouts after an upper body focused strength piece. Mark your calendars and text your friends to start planning your week!]]>