CrossFit Weekly Program Preview: 8/29-9/4

Monday: it is time to see where we are at! We will be testing your one rep max bench press today followed by a benchmark workout to see where all of our work on this particular movement has gotten you. To end the day, you will all be forced into mobility so you aren’t struggling to walk on Tuesday. Tuesday: kettlebell work will start the day off today. We are continuing to see some struggles with the swings and other kettlebell movements and are going to continue to drill them to get everyone more comfortable with the movement. Another benchmark workout will follow the KB skills. Remember to bring your jump ropes! Wednesday: another one rep max today, this time in the deadlift. The rest of class will be heavily focused on gymnastics skills finishing off with another benchmark that will test those gymnastics skills. Thursday: after a lot of high intensity benchmarks earlier in the week, we will start today off with “ankles up” mobility. This means you will get to focus on areas that are bothering you in particular whether they are from soreness earlier in the week or a more long-term issue you have been having. We will also be going over Crossover symmetry in class today as we continue to see people who could benefit from using it more frequently and want to give everyone a more controlled opportunity to learn how to use it. The workout to cap the day off is long and will be heavily focused on your derriere Friday: last one rep max of the week, split jerk time. The workout is yet another solid benchmark that we have been focusing on recently. Get ready to work hard and push your mental limits. Saturday: we are mixing things up today with taking on the workout first and then getting into some skill work. Grab your running shoes for the workout and a buddy for the skill portion! Have a fun and fit week!]]>