CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 9/12-9/18

Monday: the focus of today is all about the clean and front squat. From start to finish we will be working on it with mobility, a lifting skill session, and finally a quick burner to test your capacity. If you like to squat with oly shoes, then bring them today! Tuesday: Today is going to be our first of many opportunities to work on efficiency with barbell cycling. You will be working overhead for the strength portion of the day on percentages and then finishing the day off with a squat and overhead movement couplet. Wednesday: After 2 days of squatting, you will get a big break from that. Your first portion today is continuing to work on pulling strength and developing the lats. The workout will be more work on your barbell cycling and you will finish the day off with some mobility to take care of your hips and posterior chain. Thursday:  More pulling work to start the day, this time on the rig and in the form of a gymnasty skill warm up. We have thrown this stuff in before in our programming and will be doing more of the same in the coming weeks to get consistency in skill work. The workout is a longer one today that will be super gymnasty. Take care of your hands before and after this workout to avoid tears! Friday: Time to get that cardio up this week! You will start the day off with a skill piece working on being inverted and booty activation. Then you will get your sweat on with a lot of cardio. Wear your running shoes and have a water bottle at the ready. Saturday: Today’s workout will be a test of your mental fortitude. Bring your jump rope if you’ve got a special one! Come into class today with a positive attitude and positive self talk. Have a fun and fit week!]]>