CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/2/20-3/8/20

Monday: getting the week started with some Olympic lifting technique work, focusing on positions. We will finish the day out with a fun triplet playing with some odd objects and new movements! Tuesday: we will get into a bit of accessory work today, targeting some smaller muscle groups and getting a bit of a pump session in. You will finish the day out with a TABATA series, working through a mix of quick movements and isometric holds. Wednesday: the start of the day, we will focus on rowing technique and endurance. We will close the day out by flipping the switch from endurance work to sprint efforts. You will use the bike paired with quick body weight movements to make up these tough sprint intervals. Thursday: after a few weeks of strength work, we are going to move into more skill and technique focus with our barbell movements, starting with the overhead squat. You can build up to heavy weights with this or stay light and focus on moving well. Our workout will incorporate lighter overhead squats paired with gymnastics and endurance work. Friday: the first portion of our day will be a skill AMRAP focusing on components of a high level gymnastics skill that will be in your workout for the day. That workout will be a couplet using a heavy barbell paired with tough gymnastics work. Saturday: closing the week out with a long AMRAP working through a series of endurance movements, this is a day to build up your engine and cardio vascular endurance. Have a fun and fit week!]]>