CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 11/26/18 – 12/2/18

Monday: working through a tough barbell AMRAP and NapTown specialty today. We will start the day out with mobility and movement prep before working into the heavy AMRAP. Tuesday: on Giving Tuesday, we will be taking on Artie’s Memorial Workout and asking for donations to the trust created for his children. Click here to donate now. The workout is a partner special with a fight gone bad style with one minute intervals of different movements. Wednesday: after longer workouts to start off the week, we will slow things down today with skill work focusing on posterior chain engagement and shoulder stability. We will finish out day off with a very fast sprint workout, scale the reps and weight accordingly to keep things fast. Thursday: finishing out our one rep max testing with a squat test. Our workout for the day is intended to work on movement quality over quantity, taking a look at unilateral strength and mobility in the upper and lower body. Friday: working on our snatch to close the week out with a 3 position snatch test. Let’s see how all of our work on the Burgener warm up has paid off! We will finish with another sprint workout for a quick and spicy end to the week. NOTE: the 6pm class Friday will be a gainz check max out of our snatch and clean and jerk! Saturday: all classes will be at 916 or Monon today. You will be taking on a long chipper with a partner today to get your weekend kicked off right. Have a fun and fit week!]]>