CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 12/3/18 – 12/9/18

Monday: after testing the dumbbell variation of DT a few weeks ago, we will start our week off with the original barbell version today. We will close out the day with some fast explosive work. Tuesday: getting our accessory work in to start the day off with booty work and scam activation. We will start our strength cycle off with bench press. All of our strength work for the next few weeks will be based off of our recent one rep max testing or previous numbers. You will finish the day off with a fast couplet with a jump rope and goblet squats. Wednesday: starting our day with the barbell and Olympic Lifting technique. Your workout for the day will feature body weight movements in preparation for next week’s benchmark test. Thursday: back to our strength cycle today with the deadlift. Our workout for the day is a long AMRAP featuring cardio and a light barbell to keep you moving the entire time. Friday: closing out the week with more barbell work, this time working on our jerk technique. Our workout will be a quick AMRAP with some new and challenging movements. We will finish out our day with a running cool down in preparation for Hidalgo on New Year’s Eve? Saturday: spending the weekend with a partner on both portions of the day, starting with strong man work and finishing off with a fast I-go-you-go. Have a fun and fit week!]]>